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News Brews

Benjamin Brown
Thesis project
Interactive Telecommunication Program
New York University
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In the quest to produce dynamic data displays which present the absurdity of our situation on earth in a more appropriate manner(i.e. an absurd manner) the possibility of using taste as a means of data transmission presents itself. Due to the sensitive nature of taste receptors, it is theoretically possible to encode information into a form in which it could transmit information via taste.

Because coffee is such an important part not only of the daily routine of millions of Westerners but also of the economies and societies of the third world countries in which it is grown, it provides an excellent medium for exploration of taste informatics and specifically beverage informatics.

The News Brews device is an exploration of the possibility of creating a beverage which provides information about the daily news. News Brews connects to internet news feeds and parses them to determine the relative frequency at which different coffee growing regions are mentioned. It then brews a cup of coffee from freshly ground whole beans which contains relative proportions of beans grown in the regions in that day's news.
The sleek design of NewsBrews renders it a timeless classic and a welcome addition to both modern minimalist and baroque interiors. Individually matched copper sheets, selected for their luster and hue are hand riveted to envoke old world steam-age charm while the fittings and large knobs make NewsBrews easy to use. Just turn the knob to the desired news feed, and press the button for either a cup or a pot of coffee just the way you like it- infolicious!

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