64 year-old extreme ultra-marathoner Alicja Barahona journeys to Siberia to compete in a race across the frozen surface of the world's deepest lake.  
Produced by ABC News Digital, 2018
Prejudice and Pride
An investigative digital feature revisiting the tragic fire that killed 32 people in a New Orleans gay bar in 1973.  With only 3 weeks for post-production, I edited dozens of hours of original and archival footage into a 28 minute news feature which involved multiple intertwined story lines.  Produced by ABC News Investigative Unit, 2018
Career Canines ISKY
The kickoff episode of the series "Career Canines"  follows Afghanistan war veteran ISKY.  I edited the majority of the episodes in Seasons 1 and 2 of the series.  
 Produced by ABC News Digital, 2017

Young & Gifted QUINCY
7 year-old Quincy Symonds is a surfing sensation in this premier episode of the series Young & Gifted.  Produced by ABC News Digital, 2016
Raptor for Hire
Avro is a peregrine falcon who spends his days cleaning up the Vancouver public transit system one pigeon at a time.  Produced by ABC News Digital, 2018
Meteorologist Ginger Zee explores the importance of bees to food production and the challenges faced by modern beekeepers. Produced by ABC News Digital, 2018
Indian Summer - Excerpt
In upstate New York, a summer camp helps Hindu youths connect with their heritage. Official selection of the New York Indian Film Festival, NYC DOC festival and Hawaii International Film Festival.   Directed by Mridu Chandra, 2012

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