Barack Obama- SACRED TRUST
It is always an honor to work on presidential campaigns, even more so when they are successful.  This 30 second salute to military personnel was one of a series of ads edited from hours of unscripted interview footage and aired nationally as part of the Obama For America 2012 re-election campaign.
A call for gun control presented by the families of those slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.   Produced by Z Tribeca, 2013.
Sheldon Whitehouse- RI STORIES
Aired as part of Sheldon Whitehouse's successful 2012 Senate campaign. Produced by Z Tribeca, 2012 
Mark Dayton- 9000 MILES
Aired throughout Minnesota as part of Mark Dayton's successful gubernatorial run.  We added a little extra character to this political spot by making the footage interact with the text by tracking objects and drawing masks.  Produced by Z Tribeca, 2010
Hillary Clinton- CHILDREN

Unfortunately, sometimes politics is not all handshakes and smiles.  I constructed the most infamous ad of the 2008 election,  Children,  also known as "the 3 AM spot"  from just a script and stock footage.  The ad had its cultural moment when it was referenced for weeks in everything from SNL to the cover of the New Yorker.

Hillary Clinton- EVERYONE HAS A ROLE
This web video used to recruit volunteers for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign  presented a special challenge to edit because it was totally improvised  by Rob Reiner and starred actual campaign volunteers instead of trained actors.  2008.
John Kerry- HEART

The first presidential advertisement I ever edited, Heart was cut from hours of documentary style interviews with John Kerry and the friends and family who know him best.  Produced by Z Tribeca (nee Z Creative), 2004

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