Is the news leaving a bad taste in your mouth?  News Brews will deliver the day's headlines in a much more appetizing format! 
News Brews connects to internet news feeds and parses them to determine the relative frequency at which different coffee growing regions are mentioned. It then brews a hot cup of coffee from freshly ground whole beans in relative proportions to the regions in that day's news.
News Brews was featured in Gizmodo, Engadget, and Serious Eats .
Explore a new world of sound when you don Totally Amazing Mutant Ears! Totally Amazing Mutant Ears electronically amplifies and augments ordinary sounds creating an audiotastic experience. Put on the headphones and be transported to a galaxy where nothing sounds the way you expect it to. Point your ears at chirping birds and turn their song into an alien symphony, or transform ordinary conversation into extra-terrestrial bandwidth. Apply and combine modes to create countless new sounds. Hear the world like you've never heard it before with Totally Amazing Mutant Ears. 
Totally Amazing Mutant Ears was awarded Best Toy at the 2006 Mattel Student Summit.  It was conceived and created by Terence Arjo, David Bamford and Benjamin Brown as part of the Toy Design class at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.  
Huge thanks to the kids who participated in our user testing.

MediaDialecticsTitlefight uses information from the news to generate a mechanical narrative.  Users can dial in keywords which are displayed on the lcd panels such as Faith vs. Reason or Democrat vs. Republican.   The device then connects to the New York Times website and counts the occurrences of these words in the paper that day.  Once the information has been collected, the Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots  punch each other in a dynamic display of the frequency of those words.

DoodleSnake is an exploration of movement and behavior.  The 11 segmented carbon-fiber snake is controlled via a computer interface.  DoodleSnake takes the shape of the lines which a human user draws in  the computer interface.  Since the DoodleSnake constantly updates its shape, the act of doodling produces unique and dynamic behaviors in the DoodleSnake.
E. Artificialis is a synthetic organism whose behavior is controlled by a hyper-minimalist algorithm.

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