This music video needed to be seamed together from several takes to look like a single continuous shot .  The edits were hidden by tracking wipes to rotoscoped objects and actors in the foreground and retiming portions of the footage to match the appropriate motion.  Shot on 35mm film.  Directed By Randy Havens, 2009.


Excerpted from an 8 minute short film.  Possibly the last man on earth spends his days foraging in the waste of civilization and crafting origami, a hobby that ultimately consumes him.  Shot on 35mm film.  Directed by Andrew Luis, 2007


Excerpt from a 17 minute short about an addict whose life is transformed when he finds his latest score is not a bundle of heroin but a toy pony.  Setting and maintaining a proper tone for this piece which was both a comedy and a tragedy was a delicate balance.  We also had to work extra hard to get the best images out of footage shot on mini DV.  Directed by Bill Hallinan, 2004.

A short film set in a dystopian world where sound is used for mind control.  This film was shot and finished on B&W 35mm film.  It was an extra challenge to convey the emotional chaos while making only edits which could be conformed back onto the negative without costly opticals.  I was also given free reign to go wild with the sound design which was a major aspect of the piece. Directed by Paiman Kalayeh, 2003

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